Pre Sale Vs. Pre-Purchase Inspection, what is too much?

Everyone with a foot inside the real estate door understands what a pre-purchase inspection is and why it is of a certain importance. As a buyer you want to get a professional through the door of your home and have him verify all the important and major aspects of your property such as structure, plumbing, insulation, electricity and finishing. In today’s market we have seen some situations where buyers are willing to “toss” this condition in order to make their offer more appealing, and in certain scenarios it may be understandable, but as your local experts, we would always suggest doing a thorough inspection of your property before purchase.
On the other hand, a pre-sale inspection is a term that the real estate world is a little less familiar with. Uncommon but not unseen is a pre-sale inspection. This is when the vendor of a home calls an inspector to come and inspect the property as thoroughly as possible, just as if they were doing it for a purchaser in a pre-purchase situation. Now you may be wondering… what is the logic of this? Simply put, we use, or rather recommend pre-sale inspections on older homes that may have issues whether big or small, and we use it as a means to give the purchasers access to an inspection report prior to writing an offer on the immovable. It can also be used as a means for the vendor to see if his property has any deficiencies, and correct them before offering it to any other potential buyers. Be careful however, it is a common misconception that performing a pre-sale inspection will avoid a pre-purchase inspection! A lot of purchasers would much rather pay for their own professional that they feel comfortable with to come and verify the home for them, it can in some cases be a waste of money!
We want to know your opinion on this! What do you think? Would you do a pre-sale inspection?
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