Choosing the right home and neighbourhood for your family.

When we start searching for a new home with our clients, we always tell them the same thing when looking for a property, keep in mind your immediate and your future needs. It’s easy when shopping for a home and being excited to get into your new place to make certain sacrifices, but some sacrifices mean more than others! So what should you focus on when trying to find your future home? To make this easy to understand, we will split the two most important factors and work our way to a decision, those factors Home & Location.
Home is obviously a place where you need to feel, a place that you get a certain aura the first time you walk in, but it should also be a safe haven for today and tomorrow (and by tomorrow I’m talking 5-6 years down the road). You should be thinking of things such as number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms , living area, and features such as air conditioning, what type of heating, kitchen, bathroom styles etc. Once you know that your home has the features you deem essential, and can serve a purpose for you, your loved one and your future family, you know you’ve made the right choice.
Location on the other hand is a factor that may be somewhat more important in your decision making. Obviously in Montreal, you’d love to live in Town of Mount Royal or Westmount, but taking into consideration your budget, you should be focusing on things such as
– Proximity to the services you need close-by (grocery stores, pharmacies, daycares, fitness centres, banks etc)
– Hotspots (Restaurants, café’s, bars, cinema’s, parks, etc)
–  Schools & daycares (for your kids and for resale)
– Access to transportation (Public as well as major highways and ease of mobility from home)
– Distance to your loved ones such as your parents and siblings
– Commute to the office.
Everyone will have a different list of items that need to be close by, or who they want living at the corner of the street, but the truth be told, whatever your list is, and whoever you want your neighbours to be.. Once you can find a home that offers you everything you are looking for with the addition of that special feeling.
Let us know if this article inspires you on the road to finding your next home!