Thinking about installing an inground pool? Here are the steps!

Summer is here and nothing is more refreshing than coming home after a long day of work and jumping in the pool, or lounging by the pool with a drink at hand. Although very accessible in Quebec, Most people don’t start the pool shopping process because they are overwhelmed by the amount of choices and steps necessary to get the job done. We thought it may be helpful to give you a step by step scenario to help you follow while going through the pool shopping process!

Step 1: What Type Of Pool Do You Want?

Budget is definitely the first step in deciding if you will be swimming in your pool or not this summer! The truth be told, your decision should be between Inground or above ground. The difference is not small with above ground pools ranging between $3,500 – $7,500 and inground pools typically ranging between $30,000 – $50,000 depending on size, style and material. The difference between the two can also be the amount of work/steps necessary to carry out the purchase, Installation of an above ground pool is a “temporary” structure so you just buy it, set an install date and enjoy, whereas inground pools are “permanent” so the following steps are for inground

Step 2: Get Your Documents In Order

To be able to apply for the permits necessary when installing an inground pool, you will need to have an up to date certificate of location as well as an implantation plan for your respective city to approve of the installation and make sure your pool follows municipal by-laws. Without these two documents, the installation of a pool won’t be possible or will be delayed, Make sure to have them ready before deciding on what type of pool you want. For above ground pools, less documents are required but an up to date certificate of location is still a great document to have at your disposal to make sure you are placing the pool in a spot that won’t be affecting servitudes, right of ways or anything else.
Step 3: Shop Til’ You Drop
This is usually the best part of buying anything! But we strongly advise everyone and anyone to always control excitement and make sure to get a minimum of three different quotes from three different companies when choosing any product. This will allow you to gauge pricing between competitors, assess their services offered and choose a company that you will truly feel comfortable working with. It will also allow you to do more research, and hear about different types of materials and products that you may not know of at the beginning of your process such as fiberglass vs. concrete for inground pools or Plastic vs. aluminium for above ground. Make sure to use the infamous pro’s vs. con’s list for each company and product type to properly assess your decision!
Step 4: Assess Your Backyard Safety
Accidents are unfortunate, but very much avoidable. When owning a home that has a backyard, whether it be above or below ground level, you should always consider the safety of your children as well as your neighbours! Make sure to inform yourself with your municipality what your obligations may be when installing a pool in your backyard in terms of fencing and safety features that are needed. Some municipalities are less strict but we suggest that you always make sure to be as safe and as prudent as can be!
Step 5: Prepare For Installation & Enjoyment
Once you have gotten everything in order, the wait begins! At this point you should take time to review your purchase and make sure that you have everything in order for the big installation date! Make sure to double check with your vendors and subcontractors so that everything moves smoothly during the installation project and remember to keep your bills, receipts and guarantees for resale!
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