The Power of Representation. 🙋

Buying in this market is difficult.

But, WE CAN make it obtainable.

Most times, when sellers have decided to sell, they voice the “where and how to buy” concern. No sugar coating it, there’s excessive buying competition. We’ll map out the right plan for you – see our track record.

With each passing rate hike and new build, the market continues to balance out.

Here’s one element that should not be underestimated when having to buy in this market.

Broker Representation, a must-have to win multiple offer situations.

Real estate brokerage is an industry based on collaboration. Yes, it has been diluted over the last 2 years due to the volume and unprecedented speed of the market. However, results are directly tied to how we represent and in turn, make an effort to collaborate.

☑ Present your offer in person, phone or zoom. You want a constructive two-way conversation; feedback, guidance, rapport, anything but an acknowledgement of receipt. After all, the listing broker needs to trust you in order to work with you.

☑ Your buyers’ story, tell it. The more they know about your buyers’ family and motives, the more you can differentiate yourself from the vanilla offers.

☑ Communicating to both the listing broker and sellers why your buyers are the most appropriate candidates for the home. The shoe fits darn well.

☑ Show proof of calculated risk, and why it’s minimal. It’s about creating a bridge of trust by displaying transparency. Sellers will avoid unknowns at all costs.

☑ Or how about adding a human element to the offer, and illustrating how your buyers will continue to cherish the property, maintain it, build memories and respect their neighbors.

☑ Leverage your network; relationships that help facilitate your buyers’ end goal.

A deal does not grow on trees, you need to produce it by connecting, trusting & figuring out what the other party wants.

In 2022, this still does not happen behind your laptop.