Representation without a buyer’s broker’s contract is no longer permitted.

Did you hear? As of June 10th, 2022, representation without a buyer’s broker’s contract is no longer permitted.

Verbal consent is no longer valid, as it only allows for the buyer to be treated fairly.

Without a contract, you can solely receive objective information and relevant facts to the transaction.

With a written contract, the broker will represent or defend a buyer’s rights, exemplifying loyalty and good faith.

Groupe Baronello’s Take ‍️

We’ve always practiced with a buyer’s contract because it is in the best interest of both parties. Aside from a broker’s fiduciary duty, how does putting pen to paper benefit a buyer?

No surprises. A contract providing transparency, reasonable commitment and set expectations from day 1.

Results. The resources to drive weekly conversation to help you attain your objectives.

Quality control. It permits for a more focused buyer capacity, allowing us to consistently deliver a AAA client experience. In this manner, all buyers are considered serious and treated equally.

Flexibility. It gives buyers peace of mind, offering the possibility to opt out at any time, and without penalty.

No. 1 in ACCESSIBILITY, pick up the phone and good things happen.