Planning renovations? Did you know Montreal may have a subsidy for you!

With what seems like another few months of restrictions and lockdowns, you may be thinking to yourself “What should my next home project be?” Our answer – you might want to plan that around Montreal’s subsidy program!
If you own a revenue generating property (Duplex – Quintuplex) or a single family home, the Ville de Montreal released a subsidy program in early 2021 for owners looking to renovate their properties. The ville introduced this subsidy program to help raise the value of older homes on the island of Montreal and increase gentrification in some neighbourhoods. The renovation projects that qualify for the subsidy are not aesthetic, but focus more on the integral parts of the home’s structure and shell, but range from foundation repairs and roofing, to brick, stone and even thermopumps, so don’t be shy! It’s definitely worth it to inquire.
What does it take to qualify? – It is definitely a little harder than it needs to be to qualify for the subsidy to be able to keep the city of Montreal from giving out too much money, but if you do qualify for the program, it can really help your family stay on budget, and maybe add another project or two from the savings on the first!
Let us know if you need help finding the subsidy program, or would like information on how to apply!