Ontario is facing a problem that I think Quebec should have faced by now, and we want to know what you think!

Currently, Ontario is facing some pressure from its citizens, municipal councillors, and others to update zoning laws and change agricultural or farmland to residential zones to allow more construction, thereby stabilizing the market.

Quebec (especially Laval, Côte-Nord, and Côte-Sud) has hectares and hectares of land that are still zoned agricultural, meaning that residential construction is not yet permitted. The cities and the respective environmental departments have no set date in mind to begin changing these areas.

With the worst housing shortage, the country has ever seen and buyers simply ready to jump on new construction… Why hasn’t our government, or our politicians, done anything about it? How is this not a significant solution to our housing problem?

As a fellow citizen, I would like to know more about what YOU think those in power should do to regulate the housing market?