Moving This Summer? Don’t forget to pack your pets!

Every year, thousands of quebecers pack their bags and boxes and head off to their new home with a heart full of excitement and a head full of things to think about, but once and a while (and recently, a little too often 😡) People forget their pets! Yes, you read that correctly, people actually either forget, or leave their pets behind because of restrictions at their new home (usually rentals, or condo buildings).

Although I do understand that the shelter and well being of your family is definitely more important than anything, forgetting a pet, or worse leaving them behind on purpose is cruel. Your pet, be it a dog, a cat or a reptile has a heart and shares similar emotions as we do. Imagine how your kids would feel if you left them behind at the amusement park. If you really cannot take your pet with you due to restrictions, you can always try to find a way to re-house your dog prior to your move the following ways:

1. Find a new family for your pet and slowly introduce them
2. Call the SPCA or a local shelter and ask them to take your dog in
3. Call your breeder (or the place you got the dog) and ask them if they know anyone looking.
4. Find a new apartment that allows animals. 😅
We know that this may not be important to many, but it should become a priority in the coming months.
Let us know if you need help re-housing your pet, we will always find a way!