Are You A Restaurant Lover Shopping For A Home? Check Out These 3 Hoods ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ•

Known for quite a few things, Montreal is nothing if not known for not only theย numberย of restaurants in our city but theย qualityย of them as well. If you are shopping for a home and are looking to be in a trendy neighbourhood where the streets are lined with coffee shops and local restaurants and diners you actually have quite the choice!ย ๐Ÿ˜…ย Today we will look at theย top 3ย restaurant saturated neighbourhoods and outline a few of our favourite hot spots for locals!
1. Le Plateau / Mile-End:
Although these are considered as two separate neighbourhoods by locals, I decided to combine them due to their geographical proximity and not to use 2/3 of our top three spots. With extremities being Rue Jarry and Sherbrooke (North/South) L’Acadie and St.Denis (West/East) these two neighbourhoods lined with restaurants, cafes, bars and everything else you’d be looking for if you want to wake up on a Saturday morning and take a quick 5 minute walk to one of the cities best coffee shops. With main arteries such as Mont-Royal, Laurier, St.Laurent, St.Denis and more, these two hoods have more top restaurants than most other major cities!! Without getting into the likes of local markets, coffee shops, bars or nightclubs, some of the best restaurants you can find in these areas areย Le Fliet, Barranco and Phyllo Barย (As chosen byย
2. Old Montreal:
Montreal’s most well known neighbourhood that brings in tourists from around the continent due to its old world charm and resemblance to most european city centre’s, Montreal’s old port is where you would expect to find main stream, low quality restaurants that just want to turn over tables and serve as many guests as they can. I believe that is what makes our food culture so different from most other cities. Packed with food festivals throughout the summer and with streets literally lined with art galleries, gift shops, cafes and restaurants, going to Old Montreal is not only a place to find top tier restaurants, but also an experience for the whole family! With so much to choose from, our personal favourites areย Le Garde Manger, Gibby’s and Da Emma’s.
3. Little Italy:
Although this neighbourhood is found smack in between Le Plateau and the Mile-End, no food list would be truly complete without a mention of little Italy, am I right?ย ๐Ÿ. A sub neighbourhood like no other, Montreal’s little italy is only made up of one main artery (St.Laurent) but offers a unique culinary experience that continues to change over the years, but always keeps one thing constant… A great slice of pizza, or plate of pasta. A calm neighbourhood where the streets are lined with mature trees and the sight of Montreal’s typical curving staircase is found on almost every facade, this area is the perfect place to enjoy a hot summer day (in between the Italian feast, Grand prix weekend festivities and so much more) or a beautiful fall sunday afternoon. With our personal favourites including the obvious,ย Pizzeria Napolitana, Lucca’s and Chez Tousignant, honourable mentions such as Cafe San Simeone, San Gennaro’s, Pizzeria Gema and Alati Caserta pastry shop just cannot go without mention.
So if you are thinking of moving to our beautiful city, or come from the suburban neighbourhoods and are looking for a true culinary living city experience, our top three neighbourhoods stand out amongst the crowd but the truth is, Our whole city offers a unique culinary experience like no other and is what allows us to stand out! If you need some help finding a great restaurant for next weekend’s date night, or if you are thinking of buying your first home or condo… give us a call!