7 Ways to Make Your Home Look & Feel More Luxurious On A Budget!

Everyone is constantly looking for ways to elevate the feel of their home and make it feel more chic, but chic costs money, and sometimes… a lot of money 🤣💰 Today we decided to look into a few cost effective ways to make your home look and feel more luxurious without spending luxury money!
1. Add Some Waynsecotting
Ever wonder what those squares of trim were on your friend’s parents wall? Yep, that’s waynsecotting! Basically a decorative trim that is added to either the bottom half of the wall, around paintings, or from floor to ceiling to provide an elevated/elegant look to your home. This type of trim is typically added to homes to add an effect of grandeur, and height, or along hallways to give them the illusion of being longer or larger than they really are! Remember not to get trim-happy and add it to the whole house, too much is never a good thing!
2. Incorporate More Mirrors & Artwork
Just like in the renaissance times, Mirrors and art can easily elevate the look of your home by filling up the walls and giving them purpose! Now you might be saying “Art is expensive” We would like to remind you that stores such as winners, bouclair, structube and MUST do still exist! You can easily find a print, a mirror or a piece of art for under $200 at any of the above-mentioned stores and start filling in the blank holes of your home to add some punch to your walls! Remember to follow the vibe of your home. Also, if it makes it more fun, try to search on social media and support your local artists by purchasing some of their art! Who knows, maybe one day it will be worth millions!

3. Buy Some Decorative Items

Think small, interesting items that people will love to look at! Adding books, candles, and small “bebels” as we put it can elevate the look of your home in a simple yet cost effective way. A coffee table is not meant to put your feet on! Adding objects that are useless to your everyday life but look pretty can add a sense of “richness” to your home. These small items can be added to fireplace mantles, coffee tables, bathroom vanities and even kitchen countertops!
4. Dark Accent Paint
Now it does not need to be black or navy blue, but giving your home a punch of strong colour can really elevate a room, and a space for the cost of a gallon of paint! When you are not sure how to elevate the look of your powder room, laundry room, entrance or fireplace, think of painting it a contrast colour to make it pop from the rest of the home, Mixing this with some decorative items, mirrors or art can really add to the effect!
5. Sconces, Not Scones.
Although we love the dessert, We’re talking about wall sconces! Not always easy to know where to place or have the right home for it, a sconce is a very affordable way to elevate the look of any room or space! The most common place we can find them is to the left and right of a fireplace, above a nice painting, and sometimes even in the primary bedroom beside the bed instead of bedside lamps. Unique, yet very simple.
6. Carpets, Rugs & Runners
For hundreds of years (literally) Rugs and runners have been used to protect expensive flooring and elevate the look of any room! From your living room and hallways too a runner going down to staircase, this is an excellent way to elevate the look of a room while making it more cozy and comfortable. Although probably one of the most expensive ways on this list to elevate a room, it can definitely be kept on the cost friendly side if you really try!

7. Cover our windows with some curtains!

I know what you are thinking, Curtains are pricey right! WRONG – Now selling at stores such a Bouclair, Ikea and so many other places, you can definitely make your home look chic and rich by spending some dough on curtains!! You can add curtains and rods, or simply install your curtains from floor to ceiling which also helps make the room look larger than it really is! When done correctly curtains look great, add privacy and bring the whole room together!
If you were looking for a summer project, or had a little bit of extra cash and wanted to make your home look a bit more bougie, well here you have it! Our 7 cost effective, easy and quick ways to make your home look better! These ideas are great for those looking to elevate the style and look of their home for themselves or if they were thinking of selling and wanted to make their home look more appealing to the masses!