5 Things to do after completing the purchase of your new home!

As though the process of purchasing a new home wasn’t tedious enough! Yes, there is still more to do 🥵. The next few things on this list are things that home buyers tend to completely forget about whether it be due to the excitement of having bought a new home, or the relief of having just completed financing, inspection and all other conditions! We wanted to remind you of the following list of things that people usually forget to take care of after buying their new home.
1. Get Home Insurance – Often neglected until the last minute, once you close on your new property, you should automatically think of shopping for home insurance. Small fact that people may not know is that the notary is not allowed to pass the sale without a valid home insurance policy. It is required from almost all financial institutions and must be done prior to signing of the title deed! So get on that insurance shopping and make sure to find yourself a good deal.
2. Book Your Movers! – Obvious enough to not be forgotten, but definitely pushed to the last minute more often than not. Movers are typically very busy during the summer season, but tend to book up quickly throughout the year, take the time to ask for referrals, call more than one company and choose one that has liability insurance as well!
3. Change the locks – Not always done, but super important for safety is changing the locks to your new home! Obviously as realtors, buyers and sellers we do expect that everyone always acts in good faith, however we still don’t know if they kept a spare copy of the key or maybe a relative or family friend had one. Our advice is to immediately change all locks on front and side doors to make sure that your family and your possessions are protected!
4. Get Your New Home Deep Cleaned – Courtesy shows that most previous home owners usually give the home a nice cleaning before leaving, but is it really up to your standards? Make your life a little simpler and book a cleaning crew to really get into every crevice of your new home! Don’t forget the HVAC system, Closets, Garage and exterior! A fresh start should truly mean a fresh start!
5. Change Your Address – Take the time to create a checklist of all service providers, mail received and places that need your new address so that you don’t have to worry about mail forwarding or losing mail! One of the most annoying calls to receive weekly is one from the owner of your new home saying that you’ve got mail to pick up at your old place.
A simple yet effective task list that will set your new move in motion and make sure that your family’s needs are taken care of before moving to a new property! This list will most probably open the door to tons of other things that we have not thought of! If anything does come to mind, let us know by emailing us directly!