3 tricks for affordable curb appeal

Just finished building your dream home and running out of money? Summer on the way and thinking of redoing your front lawn? – All jokes aside, sometimes your priorities can shift, or there may have been a special for an in-ground pool so your front porch goes to the back burner. But does it really need to? Here are three cost effective ways to keep your home looking great on a budget!
1. Less Pavers, More Asphalt.
The trend has and always will be to use paving stones for your homes walk-way or driveway, Unfortunately they are expensive, installation is costly and maintenance can be through the roof if not done properly on the first shot. Looking to save some money? Why not skip on paving the whole driveway and do a border of pavers with asphalt in the middle? Asphalt is clean, easy to maintain and typically last longer than pavers (if properly maintained) so why not skip out on paving the whole driveway and just install a border with asphalt on the interior? Less maintenance, and lower initial cost.
2. More Greenery
When it comes to landscaping, the smallest expense is usually earth, grass and flowers. If you are looking to add some life to the front yard, get your green thumb out and work on adding some gardening to the summer itinerary instead of just hosing down the driveway once a week. A garden is a cost effective way to add colour and life to the front of your home without breaking the bank. It will also help you get outside more and stay active.
3. Use Cost Effective Materials
You might not be the person with the greenest thumb, nor do you want to sacrifice on your home’s front landscaping, so why not simply opt for cheaper materials instead of changing the landscaping entirely? Wanted a Paver walk-way? Why not go stone/paver so that you can create a more boho scenery without sacrificing pavers all together? Don’t like gardening? Try a rock garden instead of a plant garden.
In the midst of all this exterior planning, remember that it is super important to verify with your municipality and make sure that you are following the guidelines for your front lawn when it comes to percentage of greenery vs. stonework.