Three Reasons Why Open Houses Still Work 🏡🔑

While open houses may seem archaic to younger buyers and sellers, they have definitely not become a thing of the past! Although every seller would like to take the road of least resistance during the sale of their home, and get it done quickly and efficiently, In today’s changing market that combines complex scenarios such as low inventory, high interest rates, declining demand and so much more, Here are three reason why an open house might be the right move for you as a seller in today’s market.
1. Curious Shoppers Do Eventually Become Real Buyers.
Almost all of my clients’ first rebuttal when I pitch them the idea of hosting an open house is that the only people who visit homes during open houses are the curious shoppers that are not actually ready to buy anything. While I cannot say this is wrong, I can also state with confidence that the majority of curious shoppers do actually end up buying homes, and if you are a seller, your chances of getting them to purchase your house is 0% without hosting at least one open house. While some visitors may not be serious, the point of hosting an open house is so that we can bring buyers who wouldn’t have necessarily called me (your broker) to organize a private visit, but are actually starting to shop, think of the different types of people who might come to your open house, usually they are those looking to downsize, young buyers who are getting married in the months to come, those who are currently on rent etc. These buyers may not be ready, but as I’ve seen in many past experiences, sometimes if they fall in love with your home… you may find yourself with an offer in your lap during the following week! While the odds may be lower, they are definitely on our side!
2. Tis the season to be open housing! 
It’s not the middle of winter, but it definitely isn’t summertime in the city either! What does that mean? The majority of people have already gone to all the weddings, apple picking and mall shopping they can handle, making the fall months (Mid September to Mid November) the ideal time to host an open house at your property. Combine ideal timing with ideal weather conditions // fall vibes makes it even more appealing to throw an apple crumble into the oven and step out for a few hours while your broker shows the home to those who live in the neighbourhood.
3. Additional Exposure at no extra cost.
While a lot of what your broker does costs money, an open house is absolutely free! So why not host one or two during the peak months and see what happens? Normally an open house lasts approximately two hours and is on Saturday or Sunday. Why not take the chance to get out of the house with your family and let your broker do the dirty work! Your open house will be publicized on Centris, realtor and Re/Max which can also help you gain additional exposure at no extra cost. Not much in life is free, so take advantage of the free advertisement and let’s get this show on the road!
For more information about how hosting an open house works, contact us directly and let us answer anything you need to know.