Think Summer In The City, Think New Pool! 🏊🏽‍♂️

Have you been melting away with the recent weather we are getting in Montreal? The good news is that the sunshine is beautiful and brings the city to life, the bad news? … It is hot 🥵 If you don’t have a pool.. you’ll be calling everyone who does have one to enjoy it with them! In recent years, installing an inground pool has become more and more popular but with the choice of many different types of inground pools, which one is right for you? Let’s look at three different inground pool options and see which one fits you best!
Concrete Inground Pool:
We can easily say that this is The OG inground pool method. Essentially, it is made of steel-reinforced concrete and plaster because they are porous, which allows the plaster to hold in the water and provide stability. Commonly known as the type of inground pool that will last the longest due to its ability to be replastered when needed. The positive points of a concrete pool are simple; It is the most durable type of pool, it has much less wear and tear, and can be fully customized. The negative points of a concrete pool are also very simple … It takes much longer to install, costs much more money up front, and although it needs less regular maintenance, when you do need it… it can be expensive.
Fibreglass Pools:
These types of pools have become increasingly popular over the last 3-5 years mostly because of the low installation cost, and little maintenance needed! An inground swimming pool made of fibreglass is sold just like a bathtub! One big shell that gets delivered to your home and is positioned exactly where you want it to be. Typically these types of pools are much less expensive than concrete pools but have many more limitations when it comes to customizing the design and the look as they come in pre fabricated molds. The pro’s of a fibreglass pool are The low upfront cost and easy installation (usually one day), very low maintenance to the pool and the fact that algae does not grow or stick to the surface. The negative aspects of a fiberglass pool is that you are limited in styles and designs, they are hard to repair if needed, and need regular cleaning as the fibreglass is usually white. 
Vinyl Pools
Pools that are lined with a vinyl “toile” are built usually with metal or plastic frames! Prefabricated supporting walls are set up in the hole and aluminium or steel are used to join the frames making the form solid enough to create a pool shell. The bottom of a vinyl liner sits on a bed of sand or other material, while the top is held down by the coping (paving stones), which creates a finished edge and also acts as a border for the pool. Vinyl liner pools are the least expensive in-ground swimming pools and can be built in any size and shape. The pro’s of a vinyl pool are that they are cost effective and customizable, although the negative factors are the vinyl deteriorates quicker than any other type of finish, which means more maintenance, and due to it being a vinyl pool liner, the water must always be perfectly balanced.
All in all, if you are looking to invest into a pool, speak to professionals to get a better understanding of the style, size and type of pool that fits your needs best, while also keeping in mind all of the above-mentioned factors! Spending over 20,000$ in your backyard is a very big investment! Take the time you need to make the right choice and remember that pools do not add much value to your home as they are a subjective sale factor that can add a wow factor for certain buyers, but not all!