6 Reasons Why Fall Is A Great Time To Sell Your Home 🏡 🍂

A common misconception in real estate is that spring/summer is always the best time to sell a home. Well today, we are going to debunk that theory and give you six great reasons to sell your home in the fall!
1. Less Competition
With the majority of Canadians opting to list their home between February and June, The first half of the year offers buyers more choice, and more variance when it comes to shopping for a home. Listing your home in September or October gives you the chance to take advantage of a market where fewer homes are available for sale, and the ones that are for sale have been sitting there for quite some time. This will attract more buyers and interest to your property over your neighbours. Remember, Everyone is always curious about the new kid in school, right?
2. Curb Appeal
While Spring offers hope and excitement and summer offers beautiful weather and activities, there is no better time to create curb appeal than in the fall. With multiple colours, cool weather and great lighting, Fall offers the perfect stage to photograph your home, as well as a weather forecast that allows for comfortable visits for your buyers and an array of our favourite aroma’s. Who wouldn’t want to buy a home that smelled like a pumpkin spice latté.
3. Buyers In Decision Making Mode
While the beginning of the year does see more buyers flood the gates of real estate, the September to November market see’s more buyers that are ready to make a decision and find themselves a new home. Realtors and their buyers come out strong after a summer spent enjoying festivals, vacations and weddings ready to attack the market and find their dream home before winter! Think of it, no one wants to go into the holidays knowing grandma’s going to be asking if you’ve found a house and gotten married yet. In all seriousness, most buyers roll up their sleeves, realize that their pre-approvals are coming to an end and get cracking on buying a home before the winter months roll in.
4. More Time to Prepare/Repair
As a realtor I can guarantee that no one’s home is perfect, The beginning of the year brings 3 seasons of which home owners usually find out their home has a few issues such as water infiltrations, foundation cracks, leaking roof and so on. Having a full eight months to repair and renovate your home is the perfect time to prepare to put it up for sale and avoid unwanted surprises during the sale process. A good idea would even be to get a pre-sale inspection done and use the summer months as a time to get the home in order and repair any unwanted issues with the property.
5. Easier To Keep Home Ready For Showings
With the kids back in school and less day-to-day activities such as sports, festivals and summer events, it gets a lot easier to keep a clean home and have your property ready for impromptu visits over the weekend or even during the week! Another great point about fall is the fact that weather is a little colder and homes tend to become a lot more cozy in this time of year making buyers warm up during a visit, the fresh smell of vanilla in the oven and a blanket on the couch just seems inviting and creates the perfect idea of “home” for any buyer.
6. More Time to Search For Yourself
Selling your home in the months leading up to the winter (December to February) usually means that the buyers of your property won’t want to move in until the spring. Imagine selling your home and fulfilling all conditions in October and only having to move out in the first week of April, It gives your more flexibility to search and nit-pick for the perfect home for yourself and your family, and in any market, time is definitely the most valuable asset a family can have when moving out of their home.
If you are thinking of selling but are not sure if now is the right time for you, give us a call and let’s set up a free home evaluation and discuss your families needs!
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